A Quick Relaxing #PhotoWandering after Smegging Busy Week #we35

After an extremely annoying smegging week, there were two things that needed, coffee and a photowalk. It was a lovely day as I traveled to New York to Explore the frontier. The sky was bright,the air warm and the people, they ignored me. In New York you can be surrounded by thousands of people and be completely alone. It’s one of the reason I love the city. As nan introvert some times you just don’t want people to speak to you and that’s what happened.



I had my camera out , with its 35mm lens on , which is the norm, and I strolled to the new Brooklyn Roasting Company location on 23 st. As I walked to get coffee I was doing my camerawork from the hip. I have gotten to know the Nikon D750 and 35mm f/2 combo pretty well. This familiarity with my gear made photo-wandering a zen moment. I was just people watching as I walked capturing images. It was an interesting expedition because I did not want to interact with people. All I wanted to do spend sometime witnessing people move through their day without being mad at me for things I cant control. It was fascinating.


I did get my coffee, I took a break sat there for a few minutes sipping my ice Americano. It was a simple and relaxing moment that was enormously respite. I was drifting through my thoughts alone and it was needed.


My time was limited however I had to make my way back to New Jersey and to my home.I  did not realize it yet, but I needed more of that break. I did enjoy the down time that I had and the sights that I saw.

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