A Monocrome Macro study: Snow and ice

It was snowing the day before I took this picture. I was so busy and I could not get to my camera.  I am still working on my monochrome macro synergy. This time it was with snow. Well the remnants of snow. Some turned to ice. It was interesting to shoot before work, while still cold. Getting the images in this post plus being really tired and in slight pain , made me miss my train..  Trying to describe or explain visually  the juxtaposition of ice,snow , water, and what it falls on is  more of a challenge with out color.

Again I was using my D700 and my Nikon 40mm f2.8 DX. I never actually took it off the camera from the other day of shooting.All the images I got for this Monochrome experiment were perfect.

Some Images are just  more interesting in color, there is no denying it.

The changing of snow and ice to water leads to interesting textures especially on simple pieces of rock or cement. You don’t really need color when things are in this state.

Sill did not get my monochrome coffee shot. Soon

Some times, when you are stressed, and cant seem to think clearly, do a little for your self & relax, or you will basically be useless.


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