A LONG Introverted Photowalk in NY

A LONG Introverted Photowalk in NY

Well, it was a calm and quiet day exploring the frontier in the North East of America. The weather was finally cold and feeling like winter and people had finally stopped saying happy New Year. The scourge of the holiday season was behind me and it was time for my yearly walk in the city that I wished was my hometown. Once a year, I take a LONG introverted photo walk through New York. It’s just a little something to keep me sane.


In New York even though I’m surrounded by people, however, I am completely alone. I barely have to use my voice beyond ordering coffee and an occasional bite to eat.  New York is also a wonderful place because it is forever changing. There is alway something new to see. I have been traveling to New York my whole life, never living there and it’s always been fascinating.


This post was brought to you by Coffee, keeping me s, awake, and kind on photo walks since 2009.Coffee, the drink for those photographers who don’t believe in whiskey before 10 am. Coffee, it’s what we need.


Instruments used

Exploring the frontier, I walked through New York, first traveling through Brooklyn, by Subway, then I took a trip to Long Island city in Queens. This was followed by a ferry to Wall Street and a walk to the New York Penn Station.


Observations:  I tried I tried to use manual ISO settings in my photo wandering, however, it did not work for me. Auto ISO works better for me. I do need to practice using manual ISO more, but only, in particular, settings, like low light, or indoors. While wandering through the a city, it’s just one more thing to think about for me. It takes away from me being in the moment.


All day, it was just me, my camera, extra batteries and it made the day flow nicely. It was a long day. The only thing I longed for was my air blower which was the one thing, I left at home. There was a spot on my sensor, easy to edit out but annoying none the less. I did not let that stop me, though. There were ways to hide it at times with composition, placing the sensor dot in a negative space. I actually was not willing to go out and buy a blower, it would have taken away from the photo wandering. Photowandering-20160115-4866

My time with the we35 project paid off the most here. It was simple just to pick up my 35mm and go. Overall it was rather relaxing. I am not sure how long I spent walking but I never once wanted another lens. It’s nice having one lens I’m always comfortable with now. Getting out, seeing my world alone is aways, centering and recharges my creative efforts till I need to wander again.

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