“…a decent sharp photo at a press conference?”

A question I am often asked, from non-photographers who just need a good picture, is “How do I get a decent sharp photo at a press conference?”

These questions never come when there is good light available and you can set the camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) to auto and click away. This question often comes up when the press conference is indoors or just in crappy light.

Most people just keep their cameras in auto and hope for the best. With this setting and bad light, a camera will generally slow down the shutter to allow as much light in as possible.

My answer is usually to “Make sure the lens is clean and set your camera to ‘S and 1/100th a second'” On most cameras ‘S’ Stand for shutter priority mode. It allows a person to keep the shutter speed constant helping avoid blur. Anything below 1/100th of a second will lead to a greater chance of blurry images.

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