A bit of time around a different train station

Well it was a quiet day in New Jersey today. The weather was calmer than I thought it would be. Today I had some camera work at the RedBank Train Station. The station had been renovated and I had to capture the ribbon cutting event with my camera. I was using any typical work gear, A Nikon D750 , a Sigma 24-105 f4 and a missing i40 as a fill flash. The sunlight kept changing in amazing dramatic ways so I had to compensate with some fill flash. Overall it was an good event, simple and clean.

RedBank Train Station has a long history and some of it still stands today. As I was prepping for this event I noticed an old Gate house. In the days before automatic gates a person had to sit in a booth ready to open in close the the gates at the train tracks as needed. It’s a job I’m glad I never had.


I was doing camera work at 35mm with my sigma lens , practice for my forthcoming we35 project. While I keep a prime in my bag , I just set the lens to 35mm and kept it there as I walked around the station. I have never really walked around RedBank . The area has character, old mixed with new and a population different from what I’m used to in norther NJ. I want to explore the area some more.


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