7 Things I learned from my early morning photo wanderings

7 Things I learned from my early morning photo wanderings

“When you’re ready to learn, the universe will provide a teacher. In fact, the universe is constantly providing teachers, whether you’re ready to learn or not.” Zen and the Art of Whatever By David Gerrold


When I originally started photo wandering I did not go out expecting to learn anything. My only goal was just to go for a photo walk, get a cup of coffee and go to the workplace thingie. However, as I look back on my summer, and the one before, I realized I ended up learning a lot. Like playing an MMORPG, I was gaining EXP, leveling up my photography. Here are the seven most important things I learned from my summer morning photo wanderings.

  • Time limits Walking around with a limited amount of time helps you maintain your sanity. You don’t build up too many files and you are left wanting to walk some more.
  • Quality over quantity Walking around and not capturing everything I saw was hard at first. I developed my eye, more, learned patience and just waited for the right moments.
  • Turn Left When photo wandering I realized the best way to see new things was just to turn left when I saw something familiar. When exploring with you camera seeing the same stuff all the time can get boring.
  • A simple kit is best Working with one camera and focal length is freeing. The idea of not worrying about the what I was using and just using what I had my everything easier
  • A good pair of shoes means a lot When walking miles before work, a bad pair of shoes can ruin your day. A good pair will make you want to walk some more.
  • Don’t over Share When out photo wandering, sharing too much can make me loose followers. People don’t need to see every pic I take, just the good ones.
  • Morning is a wonderful time. The light, in the earliest parts of the day, is nice. I have really learned to love the first morning light. Its simple and clean and an excellent to way to start the day.


Location The images here are from one of my last walks of the summer of 2015. In MidTown Manhattan, it was a morning where I really needed coffee and so did most of the people I passed. It was not a long walk but pleasant.


We35 Observations Just using a 35mm lens is the best thing that could have ever happened to my photo wandering. Nuff Said…




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