52:8 Oh My Geek Buddha Ice Flow And Still No Bloody Where To Go


Little Johnny frost bite is still buggering around freezing NJ up, Freezing NJ Down. The snowy whiteness won’t let up. Though there was a pipe dream with some snow melting warmth it’s cold again. This weeks “The One Aperture Challenge” is more snow at f11. We are going to get into march and still be cold. This week images were created with Canon 5DMkII and a  Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3.  Review is forthcoming. gservo-1257140221It is like this snow will not end. This weeks “One Object Challenge” is Titus coming to grips with his nemesis, the snow. Parts of NJ want to be the arctic tundra. There is no escaping it. The cold and grey has been soul crushing. There is not enough beer or Vitamin D to help alleviate the winter blues. Social skills are degrading.   Shooting a little bear with such a big lens was fun though. The Review period with the Canon camera is done, now I can go back to Nikon.

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