52:6 Lost Bear Found In Ice By Lecherous Pervey Sage Secret Agent Rabbit, So Cold

GServo-20140212-1080It was another crazy week out here on the edge of Sanity. New Jersey is still cold , cold and Icy.  Things are miserable. We in New Jersey have become spectators to the elements and one bear , in particular live in it, for days. Surviving in a space suit, under a mini van surrounded by snow it was tough. He was found by the lecherous pervy sage secret agent rabbit. Titus is now being drinking all the coffee he can find. It is why this weeks “One Object Challenge” was a bit delayed. GServo-20140205-0012This weeks “The One Aperture Challenge” a bit of macro photography at f11. Ice is everywhere. Its has no choice but to be the subject. I long for spring but I cant seem to escape the ice. For both photos I used my Nikon 105mm 2.8D. I basically shot macro for a week.  I was fun. I think next week Ill go wide.


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