52:5 The Not So Queit Ater The Insanity

GServo-20140123-0919This weeks “One Object Challenge” was done at Artisian Alley Photo Loft in PA . It was during the Brandsmash Marketing workshop. It is the catalyst for the next evolution of this site. I learned a lot there and had Titus with me for fun. I was using the Nikon Df and the Nikon 35-70 2.8D . After this work shop ended, It was time to deal with the über Pig Skin Thingie 48 for the entire week.


For my “The One Aperture Challenge” a bit of candid photography at f11. I was using my brand new Tamron SP 70-200 2.8 VC . Its was something that had been on my wish list for almost a year. I was at Met Life Stadium after the first train ride to  the über Pig Skin Thingie 48.  I made sure I got a shot at F11. It was a crazy week and that why this post is SOOO late. I am still trying to recover. More on that week is forthcoming.


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  1. How do you like that Tamron? I have the “non VC” version and love it, especially the price. I’ve also found that Tamron customer service is Top Notch!

    1. Thanks for reading. I was originally was going to get the Non VC version, Then a Miracle happened . I love it the Tamron 70-200 f2.8 VC , more in it later

      1. The reading is all my pleasure. You guys rock.

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