52:3 – Pirate Bear In The City Of Itenerant People

GServo-20140115-0652It was a nice January Day in New York, the city of itinerant people. I had gone photo-walk-about for an entire day. While out I decided to get my Week 3 ’52’images done. I wanted the “One Object Challenge” to be epic. In my mind it is. Central park was the back drop. This is something I really wanted to do for this project , at least once. Titus the Grizzly did no know what to expect. He heard “concrete jungle” and came prepared.

Lens PC Nikkor 35mm 2.8 Focal Length 35mm Shutter Speed 1/640 secs Aperture f/11 ISO 400

 I started the day in Dumbo Brooklyn. I literally went there to get coffee at the Brooklyn Roasting Company. I have been meaning to get there for a long time. Anyhooo when I was done I decided to go for more of a walk. The fog of the day had burned off and the sky was fantastic. It was a perfect time for my “The One Aperture Challenge”. I set my Non CPU data on my Nikon D700 and my PC Nikkor 35mm to F11 and I went to work. This was one favorite shots of the day.

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