52:19 All the Elements Did Not Correspond


Its been a strange journey through time and space. There has been change. There has been pain and joy. These things have taken simple form at times and complex ideas at other times. This has cause creative delay on this front. I have been playing a bit too much on instagram and I have also been neglecting this site,  my writings and this 52 challenge.  I wish I did have a Tardis to escape some of the madness. When I took this pic I was reviewing the Panasonic GX7. I had my Helios 85mm  lens on it with and adapter. For “The One Aperture Challenge” I tried to set a scene something alien. 


Yes , yes this bear pic is bad and un inspired. I think this is where things got weird. I was trying to complete my One Object Challenge that week and I got a call that was just distracting.  Anyhoo Time to catch up on this 52 project now. Let see how creative I can get.  Till next post. 

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