52:18 Playing with the Helios 85 1.5

gservo-3084140510Its been an interesting week in my photography world, here in NJ. The weather has been decent and an excellent time for photography. I recently acquired a new lens. I learned about this lens from a new online friend Cory Lum. I was telling him about my desire to own a Nikon 135mm F2 DC and he suggested I try a Russian Helios 85mm 1.5. I researched it and purchased it. I love a good experiment. So for “The One Aperture Challenge” we have the Tardis shot with the Helios in the forest. Is an excellent lens for me, bokelicious and fun.gservo-3092140510

The important thing about this lens is that its F1.5 which is a nice big aperture. So shots are nice and artistic. The bokeh the Helios 85mm 1.5 produces wide open is uncanny. I had the bear out for my One Object Challenge, in the same forest as I had the Tardis. By the time I took these pictures I had Spend a week with the lens and was very familiar with it. It is now one of my favorites. I need to do some proper portraits . I will be shooting with this lens a lot in the near future. It works well for my daily photography. I have few photography jobs coming up, so I will just be doing reviews and this lens will be one of them.

I will be doing a proper review of this lens soon. The Helios is fascinating. Out of the other lenses I got in the past 365 days, this is the mos interesting. I am not exactly going to use it for professional work, it will be one of my fun artistic lenses.

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