52:15 Distracted By The Insanity

52:15 Distracted By The Insanity


  • Note: This is late… Really late. Will catch up by tomorrow for my own sanity.

It has been insane. Crazy schedule changes, birthdays, etc. I have been all over the place. Still taking photos though. I have not been in front of a computer to go through it all. As of this post I have started catching up. As you know spring has finally arrived in New Jersey. The weather has been drunk and chilly but slowly warming up. The Cherry blossoms have come out and I was there to catch some it. I will be talking more about it in a forthcoming post and gallery.It was also a perfect subject for my “The One Aperture Challenge”. I used all my new lens acquisitions for this year photos and for this image I used the Nikkor 105 2.8 Macro it worked out well.gservo-1944140418

For the “One Object Challenge” I was uninspired. I have to be honest. I took this image between birthday festivities. It’s just been so busy. I am going to continue to catch up on my images. More soon.

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