52:13 “So Spring must dawn again with warmth and bloom”

gservo-1512140403It was actually a warmer week.in NJ. I was not freezing. Spring, though late seems to have started. The colors have started to come back to the world. This week I was working with my macro lens.I have been coming down from a major life event. I am still cleaning up some minor issues but I have still been able to keep some focus on my photography. This week I have been working with my newer macro lens. I adore macro in the spring. For my“The One Aperture Challenge”  I had to create something colorful. I kept it simple. I left the other images for forthcoming post on The Phoblographer.gservo-1525140405

This week due to a new freedom of movement. I got to get some exercise in the morning. A walk out doors. The bear wanted to try his hand at pushups for the “One Object Challenge“. It was just a little fun. Nothing much beyond that.. Next week I will try to be a bit more creative.

The poem the inspired the title of this post.

 The First Spring Day,” by Christina Rossetti.

I wonder if the sap is stirring yet,
If wintry birds are dreaming of a mate,
If frozen snowdrops feel as yet the sun
And crocus fires are kindling one by one:
Sing, robin, sing;
I still am sore in doubt concerning Spring.

I wonder if the springtide of this year
Will bring another Spring both lost and dear;
If heart and spirit will find out their Spring,
Or if the world alone will bud and sing:
Sing, hope, to me;
Sweet notes, my hope, soft notes for memory.

The sap will surely quicken soon or late,
The tardiest bird will twitter to a mate;
So Spring must dawn again with warmth and
Or in this world, or in the world to come:
Sing, voice of Spring,
Till I too blossom and rejoice and sing.



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