52:12 Warmer days

gservo-1420140329It’s been a somewhat warmer week in NJ. The snow has melted. Life has been better, thing more manageable. Walking down the street has not been a challenge. Walking in the woods has been less of an adventure. This means the parks are clean as well. I got to get up and breath in the morning air and do some photo work out doors. Nothing much, just catching up on some reviews etc. I was working with a macro lens so for my “One Object Challenge”. It’s was a moment to try some different,explore the bear more. This time I did a head shot. This is where the challenge begins. I have to keep it interesting, for me. gservo-1475140331It’s the 12th week in my 52 week challenge and it’s challenging, the key is not getting board with in the limits I set for my self. The goal is to create something new, create some thing unique. For this weeks “The One Aperture Challenge” I decided to go abstract at 50mm. This image delighted me. I got something different, for me. Sure enough this is what I wanted to pull out of my photography. I want my images to be more artistic in the coming months.

For my “One Object Challenge”  I used my Nikon D700 and my Nikon Manual Focus 55mm f/2.8 Micro. Gear Used for the “The One Aperture Challenge” was the D700 with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D.

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