52:11 After Some Distraction

gservo-1270140322It’s been insane here in NJ. The weather has been drunk and winter has been trying to keep its grasp on us. It’s not working out though and spring is slowly trying to make its way back. I created the images for this week, almost a week ago. My productivity has been derailed by and issue in my life that is now ending. It’s left me distracted. So here I am finally getting to this weeks 52 post. There images were from a shoot I was @Henchtog on. It was for a dojo in South Jersey.  For this weeks “The One Aperture Challenge” I chose to throw on an ND filter set the camera to f11 and get this long exposure . I rushed it, but the image came out OK. When your are a Henchtog the job come first creativity second. Anyhooo some post work later I had my image.

gservo-1247140322 For this weeks “One Object Challenge” the bear was on a rail track in the area of the Karate shoot. It was a freight line so not in use at the moment . I took the chance. Don’t go on train tracks unless you know they are safe. That being said, its fun to take a risk now and then. It helps to create something interesting. Photography can be tricky especially when you are trying not to take the same photo over and over. it’s not music where you have to perform the same song for your fans. In photography its better to produce something different. all the time, even with the same subject.

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