52:10 Winter will not end.


It’s has been a long winter. It has gone on far too long. I want to be out doling landscapes of green, alas we still have snow here in NJ. I needed to do some different for the Photos. The mini me’s wanted to go for a ride. So I decided on the great swamp. I was holding out for the spring but could not hold out any longer. The one bisect challenge was done at an open bird watching field , there were few birds out of course. I had my Nikon D700 with a grip along with my Nikon 18-35. It was a simple kit for a simple day. I have also been shooting portrait/vertically.  When I shoot for others I mostly have to be in landscape . So I decided to make a change for my personal work.  gservo-1165140308

The one aperture challenge was challenging. The shot I originally wanted to do was don’t at f22 I liked it so much I left it as is. I moved to another spot and created another image. This day it was all about being in the moment. The clouds were nice, the air was crisp. I just wish there was more green. Spring will arrive eventually.

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  1. Tell me more about this “one aperture” challenge.

    1. For this entire 52 series the shots will be the one apeture challenge shots will only be taken at f11, the challenge is to keep it creative

      1. Wow! I know you’re up to the challenge but this does sound like torture.

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