Goals for 2017, Keeping it Simple

As I was watching 2016 end and photo wandering around New York, I did some thinking about my goals for 2017. With the previous year, being what it was, I decided to keep things simple for the new year. I do believe it will help with my sanity or what’s left of it.

2016 the end-20161228-07755


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I think I caught the Air Show Bug

It was a warm sunny day in September, before things went insane, in Hoboken. About a week earlier I got info from my friend and fellow photographer, Joe Holtz. The Thunderbirds, officially known as the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, would be performing a public flyover on the Hudson river. So at the appropriate time, I was there to capture the moment. I think it gave me the air show bug.  (more…)

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For a photographer, or any other type of creative, a moment is reached when creativity fails, nothing inspires, the muse is lost. To combat photo block. I chose to keep one thing with me, a week, just to see what frames I could make with it. This weeks thing is R4-K5


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Being nice does not pay

It was a dark and chilly night. The coffee has worn off and the whiskey had kicked in. I was having a quiet moment reading comic books when my bride’s phone rang. It was an old friend, a musician, whom we have not heard from in a while.  The first thing I thought was ‘I have a bad feeling about this’

South Orange/Maplewood


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Being nice does not pay
South Orange/Maplewood

#Gearalude: @thinkTANKphoto My 2nd Brain® Tablet


I rarely ever look at small bags that have a singular purpose, not even from Think Tank photo. While they are my favorite bag company, I have not considered all of their products. Recently a My 2nd Brain® Tablet was put into my hands while I was covering a trade show. It is something I would not have picked up on my own, however, it’s now become quite useful…


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