Coffee & Bourbon soon to be in action

Because I always want to try something new and I am  interested in the unknown, I decided to do an experiment. One day while, on the web I ran into an interesting topic, coffee whiskey. I thought why not have a laugh and try it. My bride thought I was insane so I knew it was a good idea. So I bought some meh whiskey and some good coffee and decided to give it a go.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-5038


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Jonas The Stormy Snowy Menace

It was an easy, mellow winter till this blizzard came through and reminded us what this time of year was all about. Suddenly sunny cold days turned to messy snowbound ones. People tried to go to and fro with their daily routines, after the snow, but they were screwed.

Winter Storm Jonas-20160123-6638 (more…)

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A LONG Introverted Photowalk in NY

Well, it was a calm and quiet day exploring the frontier in the North East of America. The weather was finally cold and feeling like winter and people had finally stopped saying happy New Year. The scourge of the holiday season was behind me and it was time for my yearly walk in the city that I wished was my hometown. Once a year, I take a LONG introverted photo walk through New York. It’s just a little something to keep me sane.



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Guess who’s not Going to be your next Wedding photographer

When I started to redo my photography services page,  the first thing I deleted my weddings photography option. Working as a wedding photographer is something I tried , then I tried again and in 2015, I did my last one. I admire the photographers who make their living with wedding photography. They are better people than me.

gservo lw-20151024-4865


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#Camerabag Prep to Weather the Winter

As the photographer in residence, at my job, one of my task is going out in snowy weather to report on the conditions of our property’s. When I first started doing this, I really did no prepare well, this year I’m changing that. Beyond just having a camera in my hand there’s a few things I’ve learned to keep with me along during inclement weather.


Here’s a quick list of my winter gear


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