#NotesFromTheField : Yes yes I am in a black & white mood

As the temp chills ,the leaves start to fall,mother color fades  
Summer came to an end , so did my early morning photo wandering. During the warm and pleasent months I was all color all the time. Towards the end of August though I got a monochrome itch. In early September, my net friend and Nitz Strap maker Chris Nitz started talking about a b&w Lightroom preset and I was pushed over the edge. I decided to set my cameras to black and white,keeping my cameras on raw + jpg so if ever wanted to process my images in color , the option was there.

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#CameraWork: Now back to our regularly scheduled program, NOT

It’s is a new day, a beautiful day and not normal…


It was a somewhat busy summer for my photography life. I got up early, as much as I can and wandered around New York taking photos. There were press conferences for work and other interesting opportunities to hit the shutter all around, good times. I made it through to most of September, tired from another issue, but mostly happy with the body of work I produced in the recently. I feel I learned something in the morning sun and refined my photography a little more.


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I’m done with my summer #PhotoWandering Again

It’s been an interesting summer, I hope I was not too annoying.


I look back on it with a bit of fondness. Overall the weather was beautiful, most days were clear with good temps with little rain. It could have been worse. I got to photo walk a lot, alone, and share my images. I wandered around, mostly in New York, taking photos because I could and I wanted coffee. I pointed my lens at whatever caught my eye while walking, not really caring if people liked my images or not. What I do is not street photography or any other formal type of photography, it’s just photo-wandering. Nothing more nothing less. I am an introverted every day, photographer.  (more…)

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7 Things I learned from my early morning photo wanderings

“When you’re ready to learn, the universe will provide a teacher. In fact, the universe is constantly providing teachers, whether you’re ready to learn or not.” Zen and the Art of Whatever By David Gerrold


When I originally started photo wandering I did not go out expecting to learn anything. My only goal was just to go for a photo walk, get a cup of coffee and go to the workplace thingie. However, as I look back on my summer, and the one before, I realized I ended up learning a lot. Like playing an MMORPG, I was gaining EXP, leveling up my photography. Here are the seven most important things I learned from my summer morning photo wanderings. (more…)

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