#Photowandering In Pursuit of Magic and Coffee

It’s morning again.

Coffee is badly needed.

Have camera will walk.


It’s all started with a coffee run. The kids were out of school, not having to wake up early, and the wife did not have to get up either. I was still on an early bird schedule and in need of caffeine so I decided to take the long way to work and get coffee. Nothing compares with the fluidity of a long coffee seeking photo walk. The space between home and that first cup can be amazing. I remember finding myself standing in front of a river and in the distance a ferry was going by. The sun had just come up over he skyscrapers, the light was glorious. The scene was quiet, very few people around, blue sky and me. I never let this feeling go. Leaping forward, into time, to today, I look for moments like this, it’s a bit of magic I  pursue as time allows.  There is always something to see no matter where I go.


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#Photowandering: A Meh Day

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want.


The one true thing about photo wandering is every day is not going to be perfect. This summer did not work out as planned. I ran into many distractions which got into the way of me getting up, going out and wandering around with my camera. This day of photo wandering was a prime example. I usually delete these walks. Nothing works out the images are meh at best. The walk was forced, I was tired. It was still nice to get out, though. It’s good to acknowledge the bad days because it helps you appreciated all the goods ones.


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#Photowandering: Summertime and the living is awkward 

There are hopes raised in the summer that can never be satisfied …


I hoped to walk a lot more this summer. I did not realize there would be so many morning interruptions. I never know where my day is going to take me at times. This sort of makes things interesting  in the summer. Photo wandering helps me maintain what little sanity I have, it is also my addiction of choice. Going out walking around taking photos seem simple however it is an excellent way to relax when things get extremely stupid. In my life, stupidity seems to be a reoccurring theme. No matter where I walk, I’m just observing the world, where I am, one moment at a time. I have only a few walks left for this season, I wonder where I would go.


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#PhotoWandering: On a Smegging hot day thingie

I was standing in the city, it was the morning, and it was uncomfortable. It was the type of day I should of stayed in a air-conditioned environment reading comic books.  The first in a string of extremely hot days, the humidity was harsh, thick, and sat on my lungs. I was not the only one who felt this way. The effects of the weather could be seen on peoples faces as I wandered through the city. You could almost smell the pollution on the slight breeze. It was one of those weeks where my photo wandering time was limited. I, again, made due with the time I had though.

Photowandering NYC-20150723-1888


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#Coffeealude: Sampling Brazil Santa Rita from @KohanaCoffee

Its been a while since I had Kohana Coffee. I have been trying a variety of different coffees, lately, however Kohana is one of the roasters alway on the top of my list. I always end up sipping on their coffee at some point. I have recently been sipping on their ‘ready to drink’ selection and the kind folks ,there, sent me a sample of their Brazil Santa Rita. I had never tried it before so my curiosity was peaked.



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It took me a year to get to these New Jersey Festival of Ballooning images…

The 2015 New Jersey Festival of Ballooning has come and gone. It was a beautiful day in my home state. It was just the right temperature on that early morning.They always seem to pick a good day.  All my friends got up with their gear while I , for reason , had to watch their social media feeds  and be green with envy. This actually caused me to look for my pics from 2014 and then  I realized, I never processed them.



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