#Photowadering: Working with the only free time I had

It was a quiet morning in my part of the world. It was the one day I could photo-walk for the week and I took full advantage of it.

Photowandering NYC-20150716-0549

It was one of those days where the weather was ideal and all I could do was enjoy it. It was quiet very quiet.  I remember thinking to myself “I wish I didn’t have to travel so far to get to mornings like this. New York was in one of those pleasant moods. People were just flowing into their routines as the gentle breeze washed over them. Those sleeping rough were comfortable on their benches while those more well off jogged by. It was a comfortable & relaxing walk. I had no idea the morning would be so nice. (more…)

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#Photowandering: Walking on another side of time

In the beginning I chose to only photo-wander in the mornings. It fit into my scheduled, however recently I decided to let my photo-wandering exist of the other side of time. The people still mostly ignored me, the sun on my head , the concrete jungle ate my feet.

Photowandering Drifting to Class -20150709-0303

A day in New York is like the seasons of Northeast America , spring is the morning. Summer is the day, fall in the evening and  winter is the night. I love the spring and the morning however change is good and occasionally it’s nice to break out of my comfort zone and do something different. So this was a day of learning a satisfying a bit of photo-wander lust.


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#PhotoWandering SoMa Part 1

“Do something local. Do something real, however, small”. Grace Lee Boggs

Photowandering SOMA Part 1-20150703-1551

It was a quiet morning in my current town,South Orange NJ. I can’t really call it my home town because I’m the type of persons who never feels like they belong. It is where I live though and promised myself i would do more local photowanderings so here it is the first one of this year.

This is part 1 of my local Photo-Wandering this summer in SoMa (South Orange/Maplewood, N.J.)


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#PhotoWandering: The Long Way to Work Stratagem

When the kids are out of school, and you have nothing to do in the morning but go to work, what do you do? Sleep in ? Wake up and read a book? Me I choose to get up and take the longest way to work, possible….

Photowandering To Work-20150702-1495
Valley St in South Orange

Yes yes I know I’m silly…..


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#PhotoWandering: Bring Your Own Coffee #BYOC

Have you noticed the lack of coffee photos yet?


Looking back on last years photo wandering, it was expensive. Coffee and breakfast almost every day hit account hard, however it was worth every penny. Over the course of the last year there have been a lot of changes in my life, one of the biggest was me giving up my blogging job, which paid decently. That was my spare income , used for my photography fun. Loosing this income gave me a piece of mine and removed some stress from my life. As I started photo wandering this summer my bride gave my a challenge, “Bring Your Own Coffee,” proposing that the money I save can be reinvested in my photography gear.  (more…)

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