#Coffeealude: Sampling @KohanaCoffee Black Canned Ready-To-Drink #Coffee






As I stroll my part of the globe, camera in hand, there is something I’ve always tried to keep in my bag, canned coffee. Some days I can’t find a decent shop or forget to brew coffee for my canteen. Most canned coffees are hit or miss.  Kohana Coffee, who has a fantastic selection of coffee which I’ve been drinking for years, created their version of canned coffee. I thought it was only available in Texas till I found a shop that carried it in NYC.

Kohanna can black-20150517-0667

The question is it the one canned coffee to rule them all?



#we35 May Expedition The Totem The Portrait and The Moment.

I wish I could claim May was a calm relaxing month filled with flowers after April showers. No… No it was not. I blinked and it was over. I did a lot in May and one of my focuses was this months we35 expedition. In  this expedition, we were exploring the idea of storytelling and reportage photography, sharing a local event in just three images. The research team was supposed to get three images . We needed a totem ,an image to mark the significance of the event. A portrait was needed to help us make a personal connection with the even. In the end we needed the moment to show the spirit of the event.



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A Quick Relaxing #PhotoWandering after Smegging Busy Week #we35

After an extremely annoying smegging week, there were two things that needed, coffee and a photowalk. It was a lovely day as I traveled to New York to Explore the frontier. The sky was bright,the air warm and the people, they ignored me. In New York you can be surrounded by thousands of people and be completely alone. It’s one of the reason I love the city. As nan introvert some times you just don’t want people to speak to you and that’s what happened.



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#CameraWork : It Was Supposed To Be The Quite Before The Smeg Storm 

It was an awkward week, out here exploring the frontier. The weather has been less drunk and holding pleasant temperatures however that was the best part of it.Things Happened, a tragedy with Amtrak made the week go from prepping for a week of hell to a bit of insanity. My job,  being what it is, was inundated with people seeking info we could not give. This led to a last minute press conferences and still making sure I was ready was the anticipated days of anger. With all this going on I tried to balance time with the family making sure I made it to as many practices and other events as possible, knowing I would be working late for most of the upcoming week.

Senator Event-20150511-0560


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#Coffeealude: Sampling Ethiopia Yirgz from the @LaColombeCoffee WorkShop

I met the folks of La Colombe Coffee at CoffeeCon NYC 2015. La Colombe is the resident coffee of a local shop called The Able Baker in Maplewood NJ and I unknowingly had been drinking it for a while now. At Coffee Con I learned about their Workshop line of single origin coffee’s. I asked the nice folks at The Able Baker to order me some and they did. I have been sipping on Ethiopia Yirgz from the La Colombe for about a week now and well,I am pleasantly surprised.

I’m always ready for that next good cup of coffee. Instead of just staying with same roaster , I have been exploring different cups .Trying new coffee is always fun. Unlike my photography, where I mainly use cameras from one or two companies , I get to drink coffee from a variety of different small businesses. While I have my favorites I have being trying to branch out to explore new flavors. If you are a coffee roaster and want to send me a sample, drop me a message. I’m always looking for new coffee to try.


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#CameraWork : The Factotum Stratagem 

My new career has been keeping me really really busy. Lets get one thing straight I regret nothing. A side affect of my new career is I have become a bit of a factotum I have had many diverse activities or responsibilities thrust upon me, but I have avoided becoming a general servant of the state.  One cool thing that has come out of this is the amount of writing I have been doing. It’s gotten back to blogging on a semi regular basis (partial thanks to the we35 project for writing inspiration) along with an increase in photography time. Win Win mostly. I have also been listening to new music and looking at a lot of photography.

TYCTWD -20150423-7855

I been a lot more busy, career wise as well as personaly. Here is sort of a log of recent activities what ….


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#we35 #FieldReport Sakura 2015

The spring of 2015 sauntered in to existence in the slowest way possible. This caused a delay in one of my favorite moment, Sakura or cherry blossom season. The delay made things challenging and messed up sharing the moment with my friends, but I managed to get a little time in this year. Ever since I began my time as a photographer I always made time to capture this season. Cherry Blossom season is an excellent indication of spring and new life. This year I wanted to make my cherry blossom photography a we35 expedition. I find Sakura a difficult subject because it’s easy to create the same type of image each year. Living things are always changing, as is my photography.
Sakura-20150416-7296.jpg (more…)

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#Coffeealude: Sampling Bali Blue Moon Organic by @BooskerdooNJ

The latest coffee I’ve been sipping has been quiet enjoyable. The Bali Blue Moon Organic ,  is somewhat of a local coffee and I have been drinking it almost daily and I have just runt out. Roasted by Booskerdoo Coffee in Monmouth Beach,NJ this coffee was a surprising cup.

If you are a coffee roaster and want to send me a sample, drop me a message. I’m always looking for new coffee to try.



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