#we35 #PhotoWandering R&D

And here it is, a return to morning photo walking. My progeny were on spring break and I had a few mornings free, enabling me to wake up early and go photo wandering. It was a time for me to plan ahead a little unlike last year decide how to handle the forthcoming warm mornings. In the summer of 2014 I tortured myself , and being spontaneous. This year, I am  actually taking a moment to acknowledge I am going to wake up like a fool as much as possible to  wander around various places with my camera.



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#We35 #Fieldreport Sauntering Through a Gem and Fossil Expo

When you have progeny, there is one thing you have to do, expose them to new things, constantly. This lets them see what the world has to offer. So when my good friend and awesome photographer type person thingie Daryl Meek informed me of a Gem and Fossil expo  in NJ, I took the kids, breaking up their typical weekend activities for something a little different. It was also an excellent chance for a little we35 research.

Gem and Mineral-20150412-08274.jpg


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Notes from the Field – Testing Sony’s Touchless Shutter Camera app

The mirrorless camera world is constantly evolving leaving the old guard, like Nikon and Canon in the past.  The latest tool to catch my interest in the mirrorless world is Touchless Shutter Camera app recently released by Sony. With this app you hold your hand over the eye sensor to release the shutter without touching the camera.  I recently nstalled the app on CambotMk II aka My Sony A7 to see if it was a decent tool or a novelty…


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An Unexpected Quick Tour of The Paterson Museum #we35

Sometimes work can get Mundane. However If i leave my self open to new experiences, always hoping to see something new, occasionally I do. Recently on an assignment to check a space for an event, I realized I was in a cool museum. I was an unexpected surprise and became a great moment for a quick bit of we35 research. I had a smaller camera with a 35 mm lens and a lot of interesting things in front of me, how could I resist.



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#we35 #FeildReport – Trippy Colors Long Exposures

After some intense life experiences, some sad, some insane , some friends and I finally took a breath. We escaped to one our meeting spots to take a moment for conversation, beer, and photography. It had gotten a little warmer in our area so we decided to go to one of our “zen” spots for some slow photography. The night was upon us so we pulled out our tripods for some long exposures. I decided to make it we35 research, however the research did not end there, some questions came up, in my head, so I continued my work at the long exposures into the weekend , experimenting with my cheap ND filters.

Long Exposure-20150410-08194.jpg


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Finally Spring, Time for Morning Photowandering

It was a quiet weekend exploring the frontier in NJ. Mother Nature had some coffee, sobered up and spring began. No longer waking up freezing was a welcome change. Along with the warmth came the urge to wake up a little earlier and go for a walk. As part of the we35 research project the walks have something challenging to go along with them. For my morning walks this year I’ll only be using a 35 mm lens. Unlike previous years, where I changed lenses daily, this year I’ll only be using one focal length. It may drive me even more crazy but it think I can handle it. The we35 project has been satisfying work so far.



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#We35 #FieldReport : Spring?

It was a quiet afternoon out here exploring the fronteir in New Jersey. It was a day where it finally did not feel cold, a day different from any day in the last few months where Mother Nature seemed drunk.  It was a great moment for a bit of we35 research in the park.


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#Coffeealude: Sampling Copper Horse #Coffee Enrique Torres Colombian

This is my second coffee from Copper Horse Coffee. I had my reservations but I went for it anyway. I brewed the Torres Colombian in my standard way. in an Aeropress with 17g coffee for a12oz cup. This coffee had a nice full body to it with a nice aroma. The coffee was mild, in a good way, the flavors saunter on your tongue with a subtle sweetness for a black coffee. There were vanilla and chocolate notes that came through nicely and as the coffee cooled fruit notes appeared. It’s a complex cup. The acidity was nice and the finish,pleasant.

Copper House Coffee Enrique Torres-20150328-1

The Enrique Torres Colombian is a great afternoon sipping coffee. I enjoyed it and could see myself drinking it again.  (more…)

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