just around town in introvert mode, a #we35 report

It started off as a quiet morning. No music playing no morning commute, just relaxation. For reasons many people were not out. I felt the need for a walk and the forest was calling. It was early enough that the family was still sleep. It was weird day off so I took advantage of the situation. I needed to get some more time in with the Sony 35mm Fe as well. I all honestly I was just avoiding the day.


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#we35 Field Report : A Return to the Morning

And here it is, a day I don’t really care about. While most are celebrating their holiday I sit, relaxing, thinking about photo walking. This morning I got to take advantage of my progenies vacation and take a quick photo walk in NewYork, before work. I only had a short period of time but I took advantage of it. A warm morning for this time of year, a few days after the solstice, it was dark and rainy, perfect for photography.

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#PhotoWandering testing a lens for #We35

It was a wintery cold weekend in NJ, days before Christmas and the holiday lovers were at their most annoying. This year many are just trying to ignore the turmoil which is seemingly unending lately in the United States. As I write this it is also the winter solstice , the longest night of the year. I thought I would get out for a long exposure during the evening , but instead I went over my random photography of the weekend. In what turned into nice quiet evening also decided just to hang out with my progeny , drink some tea and read. As for my photography I was basically putting my new Sony 35 mm Fe through paces. Getting a feel for it. I’ll be using it heavily during my time on the We35 project. It feels nice knowing I made a decent choice with this purchase.

I started the weekend in a park, and ended in one here are some more images from my photo wanderings…. (more…)

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After much pondering another lens

For a while now I have been working with a Sony A7. It’s been my photo wandering camera of choice. The A7 has been almost everything I wanted in a mirrorless camera. My major issue is it was not Nikon ,a system I am heavily invested in, for reasons. I purchased the A7 with a kit lens and a metabones adapter for my Nikon lenses. It was a good combo but I longed for a Sony 35mm Fe 2.8. Manually focusing in crappy weather is not always fun. Having a nice small compact lens is a treat while photo wandering. Recently my lovely bride told me ‘get it’ and I did. Today was my first full day with it. It’s the only lens I used from my morning commute till my ride home and I’m happy with my decision…


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A bit of time around a different train station

Well it was a quiet day in New Jersey today. The weather was calmer than I thought it would be. Today I had some camera work at the RedBank Train Station. The station had been renovated and I had to capture the ribbon cutting event with my camera. I was using any typical work gear, A Nikon D750 , a Sigma 24-105 f4 and a missing i40 as a fill flash. The sunlight kept changing in amazing dramatic ways so I had to compensate with some fill flash. Overall it was an good event, simple and clean.

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#we35: the , the only place to escape seasonal stuff

It’s a sad tale I guess. As I get older the less tolerant I get of holiday stuff. Having the same type of music playing everywhere I go is an issue. I avoid the local coffee shops to spare my ears from the music. This lack of holiday spirit, it is path I choose. To be any other way would a falsehood. I only have one place to enjoy and that is South Mountain Reservation, near my home. Alone I push a little farther into the forest as the sun rises. It’s quite as I walk. I carry a simple kit, a Nikon D750 and a 35mm f2d. It’s cold and I don’t feel like manually focusing with the A7. The trail is mostly empty, the odd squirrel sneaking by, I listen attentively for anything else that may be lurking .

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#we35 Field Report: Just Play Me a Tune

Sometimes you just need a quick escape from things. In photography it just means changing up your style a bit. Working with a 35mm has been helping with that. You can not stay at a distance with some shots. You have to get close, maybe communicate with your subject. There is no escape with the 35mm. Your either get close sometimes or miss the give up the shot.



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#we35 Field Report : Dealing with the macro itch

Occasionally I get the itch for macro photography. It helps me deal with my creative slumps and the grey days of winter. I have my favorite macro lenses but I realized I had put them away. I questioned myself on how to deal with my macro urges during the we35 project. Then I hit my self on the forehead and went doh! I have closeup lens filters.


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#we35 : Rainy Tuesday

It’s that time of year where it is more dark than light. This morning was grey and wet. The rain was coming down as the morning really began. Kids were going off to school, adults off to work. It would have been more miserable but people kept saying “At least it’s not snow”. It made people feel better about being cold and wet. Rain at 35mm is always interesting. Getting close to people is not always the best idea. Umbrellas in the way people just wanting to get some place dry. It seems easer to keep your distance and capture frames as you try to move between rains drops.

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