Shopping is for the Sheeple, its a great time for #Photowandering

Good morning, good morning, good morning , and what a lovely day it is rise and shine, rise and shine!!!! While the sheeple fall prey to the rhythm of the shopping drums, I woke and decided it was a wonderful time for a photo wander. It was a good time walk off some of the thanksgiving meal and enjoy the silence of the forest. The air was crisp the sun rising , the temperature was freezing. It was tranquil. I decided to hit South Mountain Reservation trail in Millburn New Jersey.



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A day of thanks…. A bit noisy though

Thanksgiving , a day off for the most part. If you are and introvert it can be a tricky day , for me it is. I truly try to keep things simple but one can only avoid family obligations. So after 10 years of marriage and avoiding these big family events I let myself get talked into a thanksgiving with people I barely knew… To prepare my self I did my usual Saturday routine and took a quick walk in South Mountain reservation. The snow fall from yesterday was light and nice took look at. Very few people were out , the hard core joggers were the only ones out.

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Oh the weather , it’s sobering up before Thanksgiving.

And here it is, the fist snow of the season in my part of NJ. It was not bad compared to what Buffalo New York got l,recently, so it was tolerable. If Any one, in NJ, complains today a person from buffalo may appear and slap them. If you do hear people complain about the weather, stop them and remind them of buffalo or the freak snow storm from a few years ago.


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The day revolved around an event….

Sometimes the events win. Due to their locations travel time etc they control my day. Today’s event was one of those controlling ones. I was sent on assignment in Princeton. It was a simple assignment, capture the environment, the speakers and nite anything important I see . I did the camera work delivered some images with notes and captured some more. The D750s wireless features really helps speed things up.


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Strange Day Strange Lens

It was a weirdly warm day in New Jersey. Gone were the coats , even though it’s late November light jackets returned. Some people wore no jackets at all. Everyone knows this is a temporary freak weather occurrence but they have taken advantage. Overall it made this Monday quite distorted.

IMG_0215.JPG (more…)

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Up early with no #Coffee (gasp)

Woke up this morning and the sky was sort of grey. Just about the break of day. I had nothing to do and did not want to hug the pillow. As usual I was out again with my camera using a fisheye lens,this time, in the forest. Yes….yes it was early so my house was still sleep. I needed coffee I wanted a little exercise in the slightly warmer weather that had greeted me . I ran out of coffee (gasp) so I just went for a walk. Just then I thought I lost my mind but it was just the sun peaking through the trees.

IMG_0195.JPG (more…)

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A few cold quiet peaceful moments.

It was a cold cold morning. Furnaces are on,people are burning wood in their fireplaces, winter is coming. I hate the cold but some of my best photography has happened under 40f. I like to spend time alone and on cold mornings very few people venture out. I bundle up, steel myself and leave the warmth of my home, family sleeping and content. Coffee and camera in tow I find a nice silent spot to relax and clear my mind.

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The RawFile and the JPEG

And so once again I’m processing Nikon Raw files. I woke up to the pleasant news  from Nikon Rumors that Lightroom had finally been updated. My dear friends I acquired a new camera before Lightroom was ready for it. I’m lazy and I only process my raw files in that software. So when working with my Nikon d750 I’ve been doing camera work using the  raw + JPEG setting. My clients had work for me. As long as I got things mostly right in camera Jpegs were fine. It was nice to get back to raw files though. I had a few images I screwed up on that I knew could be saved using the raw files. I was right. The raw file on the Nikon D750 is a nice one. The image today was my friend and Photog in charge of the Photography Adventure Club Nicholas Pappagallo. We were in the NYC subway and I severely underexposed an image. With some slight pixel massaging the image came out decently.  I’ve never really care about the raw vs JPEG I think a person should use what works best for them. It’s all personal preference and who the hell am I to tell a person what’s better.



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