The Autumnal Equinox Is Coming, My Camera Is Ready


Here is my casual smile, out here in the early morning. You can’t see it but I do have a smile on my face. It’s warm and humid. I have my camera out. I am looking at the first signs of Autumn. Even though September feels like the dog days of summer this year , August had some chilly days . This triggered an early change of color in a few leaves and they have begun to fall. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-29-14 End Of The New Begining


In the spring of 2014 I had a major event in my life end.  It freed me from a huge amount of responsibilities.  Not too long after that school ended and my kids no longer had to wake up early for school. I decided this would be an excellent time to refine my street and photography. The plan was to wake up as early as possible head to NYC and put to use all I’ve learned from reading about my photography heroes Jay Maisel and Fan Ho. I ended up finding my path in street photography.  It was a great journey.


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#PhotoWandering 8-27-14 Back To Central Park


In the middle of Manhattan,New York we have Central Park. I would call it a masterpiece of the city. I have always loved the place. I try to get here when I can. It’s easy to spend a day walking Central park.on this day I had a small amount of time. It is a feast for the eyes if you are a photographer or not. The design of the park can make you feel that you are not in New York at times. The result is an almost complete escape for the insanity of the concrete jungle. (more…)

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