#GrootOff (aka #LootCrate + #Photogs = #PhotographyDuel )

Groot Geservo-04608-20140824


It has been insane in my part of the world. There have been lots of crazy things happening to me, some good, some not so good. This did not stop me though from challenging my new friend, photographer  and fellow loot crater , Chris Nitz to a Photography Dural. We both got Limited editions Groots in our August Heroes LootCrates . It was pretty epic. The toy from Funko was pretty cool and a challenging  subject. There were so many things to do with it. So I challenged Mr Nitz , just for fun to see what we could to with Groot. The three images here are my entry to this contest.

Be Sure to check out Cris Nitz’s Images here  His Groots are Awesome.



#PhotoWandering 8-20-14 A Wednesday


I was a quite morning in the city I dreamed to live. The weather was mild for what is supposed to be the dog days of summer. It was another fantastic day for photowandering, precious even. I could not have asked for a better summer. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-15-14 Just Drifting through Lower Manhattan


It was a pure wandering day. I hopped on the subway, got off at chambers street and turned left. It was a great morning , Temps were right and if was feeling fine. This is the essence of my photo wanderings, to really relax and give myself a chance to just see.


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#PhotoWandering 8-14-14 Test Journey


I’ve been looking for that new spot to photo walk. A place no one I know has ever mentioned. On a favor for a coworker I think I found it. Up by the George Washington Bridge. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-11-14 The Quiet


I started to write this as I sat on A Train in NYC. I was venturing out farther than I ever have. Anyhooo I look back on the 11th. On this day I wanted to walk a previous route. Well I tried to. I went where my eye took me. I ended up wandering in to slight diffrent locations. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 8-8-14 Beginning of the End


In a few short weeks this morning photo wandering thing comes to an end. There is a reason for it to be maid public at a later date, but I have to come to grips with things. #PhotoWandering started out as a life style change and morphed into a hell of a lot of fun

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#PhotoWandering 8-7-14 no agenda


For most of my walks I have had a small agenda. I either wanted to walk a particular path or see a particular site. Today I had nothing . I woke up for the sake of waking up and being able to walk. I had some thinking to do about the future of my photography.  So that is what I did while I walked.


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#PhotoWandering 8-6-14 The Mistake


On this day I had a plan. I needed to visit a specific location for a specific photography assignment with a good lead time. So I failed . My NJ Transit train was late which threw off my entire schedule.  I hoped on the wrong
subway train and almost ended up in  Queens. So I hopped off last stop in Manhattan , an area I had never been too around 5 1st and 1st ave.  I had my Nikon 24mm on the Sony A7 and it was the perfect kit for the day. (more…)

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