#PhotoWandering 7-28-14 Distracted in China Town


China Town, Manhattan New York… it’s a place I have a long history with. As a Kid I would travel to Canal St with my mom to get crazy things and have lunch. As a teenager into my young adult years it was where I went for my Anime fix Dim Sum and and to find odd tech on Canal St. As something resembling an adult it has become one of my favorite places for Photo wandering. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-23-14 Up & Down


…And here I go again. Another early morning in New York antother bit of PhotoWandering.  It never gets boring for me. There is always a different vector to choose, path to take. This day I chose a quick subway ride on the A Train. I have done a simular walk before but I chose to walk a diffrent path this time. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-22-14 Down by Wall Street and then….


Someone asked for a picture of the Charging Bull down  by Wall St.  I decided to start my photowalk there. I have not been in the area in a long time. I have never been there this early in the morning. This left me wanting to explore the area as I have never seen it before. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-21-14 Think 1st before you hit the shutter.


It was a Monday. Most of us hate Mondays. I’ve learned to like them a little. Well for Photo wandering. New York tens to be slightly hungover on Monday mornings.  I decided to keep on the Perar 24mm . During the previous weekend I was gathering some review images with it. I was wondering how it would be in black & white only for a morning. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-19-14 Stress Releif and Review Images


It was a mostly akward stress week in NJ. It got to a point where my wife felt I needed a break. She thought it would be good if I catch up on my NY morning photo wanderings.  So I decided to take a trip to Dumbo Brooklyn.  I have not been there in the morning  in quite some time. It’s a relaxing place. (more…)

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#PhotoWandering 7-12-14 A Quicky


It was a not so early start to a Friday. After a late night with some Uncanny NJ Photogs, I was slow starting my day. I grabbed  l grabbed my Sony A7 put on my Nikon 24 and did a quick walk around Penn Station NYC. (more…)

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MaplewoodStock 2014


It was a noisy time , one town over from  where live. It was Maplestock a local weekend long concert that doubles as a community building event. You go out, eat food, listen to music and eat food with the town. Kids run around and have fun and generally all is well.
It was basically a lot of fun and I had my camera out for the sake of fun.


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#PhotoWandering 7-10-14 A Slow Morning


It was a late start. I left the house after the first light of the day. I decided to talk a stroll around Midtown Manhattan just to stretch my legs and my ‘eye’ alittle. But first a had to catch this flower at f1.5. the kit for this day was the Sony A7 and the Helios 85mm 1.5 I had not been on a photo walk with it in a while .


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A Mistake Made Lesson Learned


So I bought the MS Optical Perar 24mm f/4 Super Wide from Japancamerahunter. It’s a lovely piece of work. Anyhooo I purchased a cheap adapter for my Sony A7. Well it did not work. Which left me with a pretty lens and nothing to use it with …. For now …. (more…)

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