More early #PhotoWandering don’t judge me


It was another quiet morning. I woke up early again. I had the #SonyA7 ×(#Metabones + #Nikon 50 mm 1.2D )÷#Nitzstrap with me. I chose another route and started walking. Its become a form of therapy. 3 days straight of around 6 mile photo walks. It’s been fantastic. I have had to completely change my photo walking style , and I’m really enjoying it. (more…)

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An earlier morning of #PhotoWandering


It was the morning after a midnight storm. It was warm. The air was sticky with hunidity. The sky filled with clouds. I was up as early as possible, for the first train of the morning. I longed for antother bit of photo wandering. Again I wanted to take pictures in New York slow sauntering .
Todays Kit (#SonyA7 ×(#Metabones + #Nikon 24 mm 2.8D )÷#Nitzstrap (more…)

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Returning to the #PhotoWander

All unedited images

So it’s that time of year again. My mornings are free. My progeny have finished school for the year. They no longer have to be woken up early. I get to wake up and leave the house early and enjoy summer mornings. Today was also the first day I got to go on a proper photo wander with my latest camera.
Today’s Kit #SonyA7× (#Metabones + #Nikon 85mm 1.8D) ÷ #Nitzstrap


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52:19 All the Elements Did Not Correspond


Its been a strange journey through time and space. There has been change. There has been pain and joy. These things have taken simple form at times and complex ideas at other times. This has cause creative delay on this front. I have been playing a bit too much on instagram and I have also been neglecting this site,  my writings and this 52 challenge.  I wish I did have a Tardis to escape some of the madness. When I took this pic I was reviewing the Panasonic GX7. I had my Helios 85mm  lens on it with and adapter. For “The One Aperture Challenge” I tried to set a scene something alien.  (more…)

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