52:11 After Some Distraction

gservo-1270140322It’s been insane here in NJ. The weather has been drunk and winter has been trying to keep its grasp on us. It’s not working out though and spring is slowly trying to make its way back. I created the images for this week, almost a week ago. My productivity has been derailed by and issue in my life that is now ending. It’s left me distracted. So here I am finally getting to this weeks 52 post. There images were from a shoot I was @Henchtog on. It was for a dojo in South Jersey.  For this weeks “The One Aperture Challenge” I chose to throw on an ND filter set the camera to f11 and get this long exposure . I rushed it, but the image came out OK. When your are a Henchtog the job come first creativity second. Anyhooo some post work later I had my image.


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52:11 Is It Spring Yet?


gservo-0344140311Its been a Long cold winter. NJ had a slice of warmer weather. The snow has melted. People have got out the house. It has been in the 40’s and 50’s . Just enough warmth to keep most people from going completely insane. Every time some one says winter and I start humming the “The Never Ending Story” .  For this weeks “One Object Challenge” the bear had to do some tree hugging. It been a long time since you could just walk up to a tree, and not be knee-deep in snow.  I long for a long warm day, and a photo walk. (more…)

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New locations… for me Ross Dock Picnic Area


So today, in an inpromtu journey I ran accross a new (for me) park.   Ross Dock Picnic Area (Henry Hudson Dr., Fort Lee  http://4sq.com/bODSou ). It was literally on the Hudson River under the George Washington Bridge. (more…)

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500px / Waiting for Winter In March

500px / Waiting for Winter In March . I am really waiting for spring.  I took this image with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-D . It was really bright and clear , so shooting at f22 hand-held was easy. The image was taken at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in NJ. Its been a place I have been meaning to explore. It’s a tick paradise so going with some snow,still on the ground, allowed me to explore a little with out bug spray.

  • Focal Length 18mm
  • Shutter Speed 1/100 secs
  • Aperture f22
  • ISO 250


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52:10 Winter will not end.


It’s has been a long winter. It has gone on far too long. I want to be out doling landscapes of green, alas we still have snow here in NJ. I needed to do some different for the Photos. The mini me’s wanted to go for a ride. So I decided on the great swamp. I was holding out for the spring but could not hold out any longer. The one bisect challenge was done at an open bird watching field , there were few birds out of course. I had my Nikon D700 with a grip along with my Nikon 18-35. It was a simple kit for a simple day. I have also been shooting portrait/vertically.  When I shoot for others I mostly have to be in landscape . So I decided to make a change for my personal work.  (more…)


52:9 : Mental Health Day

gservo-0261140225It’s is still cold. I am tired of saying this. NJ seem not be breaking out of the winter. Spring seems postponed. People are getting antsy. I know I am. So , with my friend Scott Wyden, we had a mental health day. I was, if only for a moment, escaping the fringes of work hell. We took a trip to Carton Brewing for a little bit of photo work, and some good beer. Simple, good times. This is where my “One Object Challenge”  was done. A Long exposure with a Beer and a Bear. Just a little fun. (more…)

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