Sakura 2013, with my friends


It’s funny, before my photography life  Sakura, or cherry blossoms  just represented spring time to me. I never really focused on it. I just acknowledged the beginning of spring. Now It’s a big deal, something great to photograph. This recent winter beat me down. The cold lasted too long. So as it warmed up and my Friend Daryl Meek called and said lets photo walk amongst the cherry blossoms, I was ready. Scott Wyden, was dragged along, smiling with a tripod. We traveled to Newark’s Branch Brook Park and the fun began.


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Testing my Nikkor 200mm F 4 AI


There are certain things I have become fascinated with in photography  , one of them is old Nikkor prime lenses. I started focusing manually , more and more after reviewing the Rokinon 35 1.4 . It was a lens that could only focus manually, like many old lenses. This opened a new world for me. A more affordable one.  200mm is a focal length I always wanted to play with. Now I own one, buying it used off of ebay. (more…)

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CoffeeAlude 15: Coffee Mill Roasters in Milburn NJ


While off to scout a location in South Mountain reservation, I passed through Milburn and ran across Coffee Mill roasters . When I first saw the name I thought  it was another coffee house that just put roasters in their name. I was wrong, happily. They actually roast coffee. Run by a former photographer, I found the place to be interesting, and the coffee was good. (more…)

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Finnaly some warmth


Its warmed up here in NJ. Its nice IT IS NICE. Its nice to go out and walk and not take photos lacking green. Spring was late but it came. It almost gave me seasonal whiplash. I look out though, see grown, my camera comes out. Gear lately has been the Nikon D700 with the Nikkor 105 Ais f2.5 or the Nikkor 50mm 1.8e. (more…)

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Signs of Spring


Finally, while I keep expecting another blizzard and its still chilly , we finally have signs of spring.   So of course I wake up, put on my Nikon 50mm E , manual focusing gotta love it, and I also carried my Sonagar 135mm (more…)

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