Harmonizing with my photography


Have you ever had one of those day where everything just seemed to fall into place. It did not matter where you were, who you were with everything just seemed right. This day I felt like I established rapport with my gear. I was working on getting some images for a review and walking with a friend.  At the end of the day I was surprised how well everything went.


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The Songagar 135mm 2.5, a wonderful piece of junk


There was a lens. Sitting there collecting dust , with a bunch of other old gear. Unused unwanted. It was found and given to me. Ive had it for a little bit of time now. Playing with it here and there. It helped to  produce the images in this post. Ive always wanted a 135mm lens.  I cant say this is actually 135mm on my camera because it’s a t mount and its rear glass is further away from the sensor than a normal  F-Mount lens.  It is a telephoto lens though and interesting to use.

I’m curious to see how far I can go with this lens.


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Foodalude: Blue Grits (thanks @ForagersNYC)


Sooooooooooooooo I like grits. I really like grits. Blue Grits, until recently, was something I have never had. I have eaten many things made from blue corn . Blue grits have always been a challenge to find, or way to expensive to get for various locations reasons. Enter Foragers city Grocery.    In my search I found a company who made blue cor grits but were rather expensive to ship. They did have Forgers City Grocery as one of their customers. So I paid forgers a visit. When I got there, they did not have it.They did not know they were this companies customer. I was so disappointed. About a week later they contacted me , to tell me they had ordered it.  I traveled to Dumbo to pick it up, I is good.


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A Redundant lens Nikon 50mm f2


I recently was given a Nikon FE SLR. Attached to that camera was a Nikon 50mm F2. Its an OLD lens made in between the 1960’s and 70’s. I wanted to see if I could make some use of it. I already own four other 50mm lenses so I really did not need it. However I had to test it. Photography is and interesting road to travel, and if and old usable piece of gear  appears I can resist playing with it.


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Freezing #Nemo: Relaxing and having fun.


The digging out was over. Trillions of snowflakes had been moved out the way as much as possible. While trillions of flakes remained untouched. The only thing left was to relax a little. Go out and enjoy the day as much as possible. For me, my camera was with me. And I wanted to see everything in black and white when I was done.


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Freezing #Nemo: Digging out


Where I live was covered in ice and snow. Seasonal change is sometimes drastic in NJ. Its the height of winter and this is the result of winter storm Nemo. It was time to dig out.


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Freezing #Nemo: Going Home


Going home, during a snow storm, would of  been a pain if I did not have my camera to distract me. I was kicking myself for going to work in the first place, however it was a decent time for photography. Just capturing moments, nothing too serious. Thing is, I hate the snow, the snows a burk , I flip my finger to the snow, but I digress. Photography gets me through the snow, calms me.


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Freezing #Nemo: off to work

Works that way
Works that way

The morning of a what was to be a snowpocalypse. I recently wrote a new piece on snow photography and I could not resist taking my camera out today. I am starting to realize that shooting in snow takes a completely different ascetic sense . For me, I start seeing the world in contrast. Not in black in white though. I see the world as whats covered in snow and whats not.


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