The Sonagars


Thank you so much for visiting my site . Today I am musing about the my recently acquired Sonagar 35mm 2.8  and 135mm 3.5 lenses .They are manual , T Mounts , possibly older than me and completely incalculable.  Meaning I have not clue how my camera see’s these lenses. I am not really shooting at 35 mm or 135mm . All this is genuinely fun.


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The weekly Coffealude 4 : A new lens


Sometimes a unique photo can come from the gear you use. While this coffee image is not tooo unique , the gear used to take it is. A friend, who is not a photog found this  strange photography kit, and put it in my hands. There were some rare lenses in the bag. One was a Sonagar 135 3.5. That is what I used to take this image. I have been obsessed with getting info on it this week.


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Slushy morning


Who did not check the weather before he walked out the door? Me ! I knew it would be cold, but slushiness of minor doom caught me a little off guard.


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The weekly Coffealude 2: @Tonx #coffee


This week I got to test a selection of Tonx coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, Wottuna Boltuma. Tonx sent me a sample from their subscription service. I saw this as a great addition to this series of post I am doing.  Instead of just one  coffee image every week, I have decided to make it a weekly coffee post. I am going to continue with the idea of making original coffee images.  I just cant stop at one image every week.


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