2012 was an awkward journey through time and space


This is last post of 2012 with snow and coffee. 2012 was awkwardly busy. Lots of time getting over the pain of 2011. There was  growth and growing pains with ThePhoblographer and my photography life. I had some new friendships solidified and I drank a LOT of coffee. Fortunately it all ended on a positive beat.


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Dry morning, snowy evening


This morning, I woke up too early. I had to go to work though. But since I had a little extra time, I decided to take a quick photo walk in New York. I took the bus to Port Authority bus Terminal and walked to the NY Penn Station in an indirect route.


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A quiet nights walk in NYC

In what seems to be a rarity , lately I have a ,moment to take a walk in Greenwich Village , in New York. Like a slow flow I walked with my camera in hand.  It had been a long while since i did something like this. It was very relaxing.


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