A Monocrome Macro study: Snow and ice

It was snowing the day before I took this picture. I was so busy and I could not get to my camera.  I am still working on my monochrome macro synergy. This time it was with snow. Well the remnants of snow. Some turned to ice. It was interesting to shoot before work, while still cold. Getting the images in this post plus being really tired and in slight pain , made me miss my train..  Trying to describe or explain visually  the juxtaposition of ice,snow , water, and what it falls on is  more of a challenge with out color. (more…)

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Monochrome Synergy

I have been in a bit of a monochrome photography mood lately. If you ask me why , all I can say is gray scale and my photography style seems to go together in my mind as of late. As I have been staring into reality, I been looking for more contrast, working with my images in black and white has been helping with this.


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Helping inlaws( or the things I do for my wife)

So this was a trying weekend. For about a year, my wife and I have been helping her father sell a house. After a few false starts, misdeeds, and a bad economy, we finally got a buyer. This buyer had a bunch of hurdles to jump to get to the closing. My father in law became jaded, did not believe the house would sell.


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Another Quick Morning walk


Thanksgiving, early morning. I woke up early, like I had to go to work .   I went for a quick morning photo walk around my town . If you are looking for Thanksgiving food photography, you will not find it here. I’m thankful just to be able to relax a little and be an introvert. (more…)

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Coffeealude: Coppo White Coffee

I am running low on coffee. After I burned some coffee beans in another experiment, I figured Id keep the mad scientist vibe going and try something new…. to me. On a trip to an Asian market, in my area, to get some matcha,  I ran across some white coffee packs. It’s instant coffee from Malaysia .Its basically instant coffee, non dairy creamer with cane sugar.


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Out for a quick, cold,morning walk.

Before photography I used to detest cold mornings. Now, I sort of like them . There are few people out, its quiet and you get interesting photos without people getting in the way . I usually don’t spend hours doing it, I just spend enough time to create some images, and stretch my legs.


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