My Oben AC-1400 review is up at The Phoblographer

In terms of looks, this tripod is actually quite stylish. Clean lines and a straight forward design define its appearance. How does it compare to a Manffroto tripod in the same range? Very well actually; while it does not share its pedigree, the Oben AC-1400 is a decent product …(via Review: Oben AC-1400 4-Section Aluminum Tripod with BA-00 Ball Head) (more…)

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We’ll all float on okay

Well , as you may have seen, the site has gone through a bit of an upheaval. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the old version of this site was scrapped. I kept my favorite post and let go of the rest. Work here is almost at an end and I can start posting again. I have been creating new images, of course, and you will see the new stuff soon. So Welcome back to the site. It’s still brought to you in association with where I do more photography related post I act as Social media Coordinator (more…)


A quick drift in NYC

It was one of those days. One where I had to quickly get in and out of New York. As usual I had my camera with me. (more…)

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