Working with the Nikon 135mm DC f2D Again

Working with the Nikon 135mm DC f2D Again

It was one of those interesting times out here in New Jersey exploring the frontier. I was doing some camera work for my job, environmental portraits in various locations around New Jersey. I decided that my Nikon 135mm DC f2d I felt I needed to work with this lens more and I did. It is one of my favorite lenses of all times.During my time with the We35 project, I touched this lens once so during this project, I just left it on my Nikon D750 in-between sessions to really refresh myself with it.135dc-20160420-9610

When this current phase of my current photography life was forming I did a lot of research and the 135 f2d  always called to me. I got the Nikkor 85mm f1.8D as a stop gap, but I was never satisfied. The Nikon 135 is the equivalent of a supercar for me and I worked really hard to earn it.I used it sparingly in the past but having it on the camera this much was a crazy fun experience. I had to travel a lot and when the project was done I realized I needed to work with this lens a lot more.


I really should do a review of this lens. Here are the shots from this exclusion with the lens’

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