#We35 Elegy- The Last Field Report

#We35 Elegy- The Last Field Report

we35end-20151227-4563With the year ending, so does my time as a We35 researcher, exploring the frontiers with a 35mm lens. As I write this, 2015 is a footprint on a beach after a warm Summer’s day and the tides coming in. I’m sad as this time ends however it was such a great experience. It was something out of a Jimi Hendrix Song, a bit of photography purple haze.


Primarily just using a 35mm lens for my photography simplified my life while expanding my photography style. I was able to minimize my thought process and just got out with my camera and captured the world around me and shared what I saw. The people I met during the project, virtually and otherwise, were fantastic and I now have a group of like minded folk out there with a common photography experience, to talk with and laugh with.


The We35 Experience of 2015  gave my other lenses ‘use envy’ while opening my mind and giving my a clear path to the future of my photography. I will watch eagerly as the we35 2016 class takes shape and continue along a creative path doing photo expeditions with the Fellowship on The Photo Frontier.


Thanks to Justin & Armando for allowing me to be a part of this project and thanks to Scott Wyden for introducing me, yet again, to awesome photographers and a new experience.

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  1. It was a lot of fun reading your reports, and I’m impressed as I think you were certainly the most prolific member of the group. It was also good to get to know you this year as we connected through this project.

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