The weekly Coffealude 2: @Tonx #coffee


This week I got to test a selection of Tonx coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, Wottuna Boltuma. Tonx sent me a sample from their subscription service. I saw this as a great addition to this series of post I am doing.  Instead of just one  coffee image every week, I have decided to make it a weekly coffee post. I am going to continue with the idea of making original coffee images.  I just cant stop at one image every week.


Over all the coffee had good flavor. It’s very drinkable. It was and intresting coffee to test. Finding a new spot for the image was intresting.


The coffee smelled great out the bag. I measured out about 16 grams, for about 8 ounced of water.


When brewed in the Hario Coffee Dripper V60 02   the coffee, laced with a decent acidity, had more cherry notes than chocolate with a medium body. I am going to give the coffee a few more tries, so far I am satisfied. The coffee which was clean tasting,  and well roasted. I am going to try it as an espresso in the coming days, as well as in my AeroPress. (I will update this post with notes)  The  Wottuna Boltuma was a pleasant introduction to Tonx.

Thanks to my fellow Phoblographer Peter Walkowiak  for telling me about Tonx.

This weeks camera gear was a Nikon D700, a Nikon 85mm f/1.8D as well as a 50mm 1.8E


I made the Wottuna Boltuma with the  AeroPress Coffee Maker and it was similar to when I made it with the Hario. It was a little smother. I used a lower temp for the water with a slightly longer steep. It was a good cup over all ,  the Acidity was much lower

The espresso was actually very nice. The chocolaty note were more noticeable as it cooled. I had just enough left and I made and americano and I was not disappointed .

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  1. Dude! These guys screwed me. I signed up for the free-trial (Jan 13th) but never received the free sample. Now my credit card has been charged for a shipment. Bad form. I contacted them via email but they are in California and so won’t respond for hours.

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