The Songagar 35mm 2.8, a wonderful piece of junk part1


Shooting with it is a discordant mess. The Sonagar 35mm takes some getting used to. Its field of view is not 35mm on my D700. I think it’s wider. Knowing exactly what aperture you’re shooting at is impossible at times. The minimum focus distance is deplorable. This all makes it delightful.


I had to get this out of my system. I read a few negative things about this lens However I just think those people did not have the patience this lens requires on current cameras. It renders color interestingly and needs to be treated like your shooting film.


Focusing with the Sonagar 35mm 2.8  is a challenge. Its so easy to mess up .


It takes a bit of time to get it right especially in low light.

My good friend Julius , a willing victim/subject

Portraits are interesting as well, you need good light or a flash. Over all it was fun to just take the Sonagar 35mm and casually shoot with it. There will be more of this. I think I know whats its best use is now, I have to test that theory . I thought about doing a full review, but I am not going to. This lens is to weird, and not readily available.

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