The Sonagars


Thank you so much for visiting my site . Today I am musing about the my recently acquired Sonagar 35mm 2.8  and 135mm 3.5 lenses .They are manual , T Mounts , possibly older than me and completely incalculable.  Meaning I have not clue how my camera see’s these lenses. I am not really shooting at 35 mm or 135mm . All this is genuinely fun.


These lenses are learning experience, not meant for everyday use, their meant for fun.


When they were originally created, they were meant for film camera, or so I think. I have been having a smeeging hard time finding info on the company Sonagar.


Shooting for with the Sonagars for the first time was very satisfying.


I am not getting all  the shots right, but it will come with practice.


These are fun additions to my kit, there may even be retro reviews on ThePhoblogreapher

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