#Photowandering: Out with an imperfect lens

In a time of day that knows how to keep its secrets, I wander around taking photos to relax.


I was up early, photo wandering again. I felt a need to alter my perspective, so on this day, I decided to use my Sonar 135mm lens. It’s an old lens I got many moons ago. I don’t use it often the Sonar 135mm 2.8 is an m42 screw I adapted at first for my Nikon camera then. Sony. It was a cheap curiosity from my early days of photography.


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#PhotoWandering: …at the end of June

“Time is endlessly flowing onwards” The environment that surrounds me has been keeping me unexpectedly busy. It has been getting in the way of my summer photo wandering more than I thought it would. I did manage to get out once, at the end of June. The temperature was just right, New York was quiet, basically hungover.

Photowandering-20190628-03946 (more…)

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#WeeklyGrindThingie: …with my camera, mostly, set to black and white.

It was a mostly monochrome week, exploring the frontier in New York and New Jersey.


It was one of those weeks that was just different. The weather, for this time of spring, was wet with the temperatures fluctuations all over the place. Work was mostly calm, and I only had to be there for two days, so the time flew by. Eventually, I found my way to the streets of the City.


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#WeeklyGrindThingie: Coffee, it was my main fuel this week

It was a busy week exploring the frontier here in New Jersey and a bit of New York.


Spring was still showing its colors as the temperatures continued to, slowly, rise. Everything around me seemed to be calm, but actually, it was hectic. There are lots of future projects and task ahead of me, and it was time to prepare for some of them.


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