#We35Shenanigans Week 15

As part of this year’s we35 project #exploringthefrontier we decided to hashtag our nonresearch as #we35shenanigans. I have been posting the images on my Instagram account but here are some of them, edited,…

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I’m done with my summer #PhotoWandering Again

It’s been an interesting summer, I hope I was not too annoying.


I look back on it with a bit of fondness. Overall the weather was beautiful, most days were clear with good temps with little rain. It could have been worse. I got to photo walk a lot, alone, and share my images. I wandered around, mostly in New York, taking photos because I could and I wanted coffee. I pointed my lens at whatever caught my eye while walking, not really caring if people liked my images or not. What I do is not street photography or any other formal type of photography, it’s just photo-wandering. Nothing more nothing less. I am an introverted every day, photographer.  (more…)

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#Photowandering In Pursuit of Magic and Coffee

It’s morning again.

Coffee is badly needed.

Have camera will walk.


It’s all started with a coffee run. The kids were out of school, not having to wake up early, and the wife did not have to get up either. I was still on an early bird schedule and in need of caffeine so I decided to take the long way to work and get coffee. Nothing compares with the fluidity of a long coffee seeking photo walk. The space between home and that first cup can be amazing. I remember finding myself standing in front of a river and in the distance a ferry was going by. The sun had just come up over he skyscrapers, the light was glorious. The scene was quiet, very few people around, blue sky and me. I never let this feeling go. Leaping forward, into time, to today, I look for moments like this, it’s a bit of magic I  pursue as time allows.  There is always something to see no matter where I go.


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#Photowandering: Summertime and the living is awkward 

There are hopes raised in the summer that can never be satisfied …


I hoped to walk a lot more this summer. I did not realize there would be so many morning interruptions. I never know where my day is going to take me at times. This sort of makes things interesting  in the summer. Photo wandering helps me maintain what little sanity I have, it is also my addiction of choice. Going out walking around taking photos seem simple however it is an excellent way to relax when things get extremely stupid. In my life, stupidity seems to be a reoccurring theme. No matter where I walk, I’m just observing the world, where I am, one moment at a time. I have only a few walks left for this season, I wonder where I would go.


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