Let Logic Guide Your Gear Purchases – The Phoblographer


I am in the process of deciding on new gear. I am refining my kit for particular work. I am trying to be logical about things. It is a challenge however. It’s not about money, it’s about what I need and not what I want. I wrote this article as I was beginning to think deeply about furthering my photography career.

Picking new photography gear can be an emotional experience–especially if there’s almost always a photographer you really admire who used a particular camera or lens to create an image you love. If you want to grow as a photographer, it may seem as if all the ads and reviews out there label you to fail if you don’t own what’s advertised. This is the point where you have to step back and let logic take over. This will help you avoid obtaining that which you do not really need.

Let Logic Guide Your Gear Purchases – The Phoblographer.

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