I’ve got wide frames on my mind…

I’ve got wide frames on my mind…

The 2.76×1 ratio is so lovely and an interesting photo experiment.


As some of you may know, the Hateful Eight by Quentin Tarantino is coming out soon. I am a fan of his movies so when it popped up on my radar I got a little excited, not about the movie, though. I got excited about the process and the aspect ratio it was filmed in. 65mm Ultra Panavision shown on screens at 70mm which yields a 2.76:1 aspect ratio. The 3rd thing I thought when learning this, how could this look with my photography.

For a good history of the history about movies “Filmed in Glorious Ultra Panavision 70” check out this video about the Hateful 8 road show.

Tools for the experiment

Considerations When creating frames for an aspect ratio like this, a lot of pixels, from the camera, are sacrificed….

…for art. You have to keep in mind the width of the Frame you are creating and how much space you can use. It’s odd at first, but it’s a fun exercise in the end.



Findings This aspect is fantastic for landscape photography especially if you can fill the frame. It’s is not as glorious an ultra Panavision movies but this aspect ratio has potential. I want to play with this at different focal lengths like 50mm, 70mm, 135mm, and something telephoto.

Observations I took some of my old images that sort of fit into what was needed for a frame with a 2.76:1 aspect ratio. I will be playing more with this more in the newer future. Working with a 2.76:1 ratio works more for the web right now. I am not sure abut print work yet.  Ultimately this lets me come up with another way to be creative with my work. Wide frames do not work with every frame I create, however I know I can make this work for some of my camera work.

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