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It has been insane in my part of the world. There have been lots of crazy things happening to me, some good, some not so good. This did not stop me though from challenging my new friend, photographer  and fellow loot crater , Chris Nitz to a Photography Dural. We both got Limited editions Groots in our August Heroes LootCrates . It was pretty epic. The toy from Funko was pretty cool and a challenging  subject. There were so many things to do with it. So I challenged Mr Nitz , just for fun to see what we could to with Groot. The three images here are my entry to this contest.

Be Sure to check out Cris Nitz’s Images here  His Groots are Awesome.

Groot Geservo-04622-20140824


My good friend  Scott Kivowitz was in on the conversations so we suckered asked come up with rules. It was better to have him come up with he rules , he is one of the most fair and level headed guys I know. His Rules were

1 – No humans can be in the photos
2 – Groot must be in the photos
3 – Use of artificial light is encouraged
4 – Use of textures is encouraged
5 – HDR forfeits you automatically
6 – If you get Star Wars somehow cleverly in the photo you may win
7 – Legos are encouraged
8 – Three photos required
9 – One week to shoot the three images

These rules were pretty easy to follow. I practiced a little with some Groot images on my instagram account  only showing a few of my contest images. I tried to keep to my simple style, using natural light. In the end though I just had fun.


These images were a challenge to my creativity. This Groot was not really poseable so I had to work with its static stance. I basically played with light and my exposures. Ultimately I just tried to come up with different scenes I have not done with toys before.  I took Groot to various local locations and one not so local. The looks I got some times was funny. Grown man with a camera playing with toys. Hey I’m living the geeky dream and damn what people think. I was having fun! Thats all that really matters

  • Image One – This image was an attempt to us the panoramic mode on the Sony A7 with a Metabones adapter and a Helios 85mm 1.5. I have been experimenting a lot with panoramas a little lately so I just had to. 
  • Image Two- I borrowed 2 Cybermen from a friend and decided to play with light. Spot Meetering and back ground light was the tools of choice along with a nikon 50mm lens.
  • Image Three –  This was a simple sunrise. I was on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.  It just happened on one of my morning walks.  I could not help but enter this as my third image.

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