Coffeealude Brooklyn Roasting Company Rwanda

I first learned about and tried Rwandan coffee just over a year ago. It has always been a uncanny coffee for me. It’s flavor profile being much different than my favorite single origins Indian Mysore ,Harrar and Yirgacheffee. I have really enjoyed this coffee from the roasters I had it from. I recent trip to Brooklyn Roasting company, in the Flatrion district, I picked up a can to try….


Coffee Details

Country: Rwanda
Region: Rulindo, Northern Province
Altitude: 5,800 feet
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed, sun-dried

Tasting notes I’ve been drinking coffee from Brooklyn roasting for a few years now, they are one of my top five coffee roasters. So I had certain expectations with the coffee. I’ve been drinking the their Rwanda for a few days and it’s interesting. It has not been my favorite, it is good though.


I made the coffee using my aero press and my hario v60. The coffee favored the v60. The Brooklyn Roasting companies Rwanda had a medium body with a decent aroma. I think was just above a medium roast and it tasted chocolaty with citrus and nutty notes kissing my tongue.  The coffee had a nice acidity that made its way into the finish. In the end though the coffee was decent not fantastic. It was good enough though for me to want to try again.

it may have been me , but i found in hard to dial in this coffee to what i thought it should be. i hope i could have it at one of the Brooklyn Roasting company location one day to see what I am  possibly doing wrong.

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