#we35 #FieldReport Sakura 2015

The spring of 2015 sauntered in to existence in the slowest way possible. This caused a delay in one of my favorite moment, Sakura or cherry blossom season. The delay made things challenging and messed up sharing the moment with my friends, but I managed to get a little time in this year. Ever since I began my time as a photographer I always made time to capture this season. Cherry Blossom season is an excellent indication of spring and new life. This year I wanted to make my cherry blossom photography a we35 expedition. I find Sakura a difficult subject because it’s easy to create the same type of image each year. Living things are always changing, as is my photography.
Sakura-20150416-7296.jpg (more…)

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Signs of Spring


Finally, while I keep expecting another blizzard and its still chilly , we finally have signs of spring.   So of course I wake up, put on my Nikon 50mm E , manual focusing gotta love it, and I also carried my Sonagar 135mm (more…)

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An unseasonable fog


In weirdly warm day after days of extreme cold weather and some recent lite snow, we had FOG. It was thick and killed the view, or did it. It was a great time for photography. Jut not for me. I was in a mental fog. It was early, I had no coffee and just could not get it together. (more…)

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