#WeeklyGrindThingie : Could Not Feel My Nose

It was a frozen week in an area that sometimes handles the cold well. The first week of 2018, exploring the frontier. the temps were so cold. In my part of New Jersey, if hot cups of coffee or some other warm drink were not available, hearts would break. So that’s How I began my photography for the year, with a cup of coffee. Looking at the upcoming weather, I knew the week had the possibility of some interesting camera work.

#WeeklyGrindThingie-20180101-03244 (more…)

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#We35shenanigans Week 52

It was a calm a quiet, last week, of 2017, exploring the frontier here, in New Jersey and New York. The winter was in full force and it was extremely cold. It was also that time of year when I sat down, took stock of the year that passed. A time for good cups of coffee and a calculated post about what was learned, whats next, and future goals. Well, I decided not to do that. Just change things up a little, keep calm and carry on.

we35shenanigans -20171227- (more…)

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